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Student Services



Here at Aptos High, Home of the Mariners, our team dedicates ourselves to provide the highest quality of ongoing safety to our entire community.
The Student Services Department aims to ensure the safety and well being of all Mariners (students, families, and school staff) in the following areas.
Our motivation is based on School Goal 3:  Maintain a safe educational and social-emotional environment that fosters a caring community where students feel connected to and supported by peers and adults.


Aptos High School uses Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).  
PBIS is a research-based framework to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of behavioral management in schools.  PBIS provides multiple pathways/interventions for developing relationships and making positive connections to support all students’ through coherent and consistent school-wide behavioral expectations.  School-wide behavioral expectations teach and reinforce positive behaviors, which improve school climate.  School-wide PBIS focuses on developing and implementing preventative procedures and practices to maintain a safe educational and social-emotional environment to support learners in reaching their highest potential.
The 3-tiered approach that aims to address each students' needs:
  • Tier 1 (Universal): Preventative interventions/practices, school-wide behavioral expectations, and rewards systems are used by all staff to reduce the development of problem behaviors across all settings (i.e., school-wide, classroom, and non-classroom)
  • Tier 2 (Targeted): Specialized interventions are used by support personnel to address problem behaviors for students who are not responsive to Tier 1 interventions.  
  • Tier 3: (Intensive): Individualized interventions are used by support personnel to address chronic problem behaviors.
Disciplinary consequences for student behavior are in accordance with California Education Code 48900.  Students should review and understand their rights per the Mariner Handbook.


The Student Services Department reviews students' attendance and community service hours to ensure that they are eligible to receive their high school diploma and walk during their graduation event.  Please be sure to review our attendance policies regarding the exclusion list and our community service guidelines.
Student safety and well-being is a priority for Aptos High School.  To ensure student's safety at Aptos High School, AHS:
  • Is a closed campus.
  • Has four trained campus supervisors on-site.
  • Conducts emergency drill training each semester in accordance with state and county laws.
  • Encourages Mariners to use the STOPit app to report unsafe behaviors.