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As established by California Education Code 48205 and PVUSD Board Policy 5113 (a), a student may be excused from school when the absence is:
  • Illness:   a doctor’s note may be required for extended illness.
  • Quarantine:   directed by a doctor.
  • Medical, dental, optometry or chiropractic appointment for treatment:  elective treatment should be scheduled for outside of normal hours.
  • Attending the funeral service of an immediate family member:  funeral service absence will not be more than three days unless the service is conducted outside of California.
  • Jury Duty.
  • Absence to obtain required immunizations:  if the absence is not more than five days.
  • Court appearances:  either as a defendant or as a subpoenaed witness.       
  • Observation of a holiday or ceremony of the student’s religion:  with pre-approved written permission from the attendance office.


According to CA Education Code, a parent/guardian has 72 hours from the date upon which your student was absent to excuse your student's absence.  The parent/guardian should "clear" the absence with the Attendance Specialist by telephone (831) 728-7832 ext. 5291 (english) ext. 5191 (spanish) or email (  If writing an email, then please include:
  • Student's name and ID number
  • Grade level
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence (excused absences must adhere to the PVUSD policy described above)
  • Best number to reach a parent/guardian


Students must have approval by note or phone call from a parent/guardian AND a pass from the Attendance Office or Health Office before leaving campus. Please try notifying us at least 2 hours before leaving.  This process ensures your student's safety.  Please know that after your student checks out with the Attendance Office they must leave campus immediately.
Students that leave campus without an off-campus pass will receive an unexcused absence for the time that they are gone and the absence cannot be cleared.  No exceptions.


Interventions and consequences assigned include, but are not limited to: truancy letters home, conference with parent/guardian, attendance improvement plan, check-in and check-out forms, and/or exclusion from school events. Students with 18 or more period absences are considered truant and subject to refer to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and possible transfer to an alternate site.

Cuts / Unexcused Absences

Number of Period Absences
Consequence / Intervention
6 - 7
Truancy Letter Number 1
8 - 14
Truancy Letter Number 2
15 - 21
Truancy Letter Number 3


  • How long do I have to excuse my student's absence?  You have 72 hours from the date upon which your student was absent to excuse your student's absence.  The parent/guardian should "clear" the absence in person, by telephone, or in writing.  If writing a note, then please write in pen and include:
  • How can I stop receiving letters and notifications that my student has been absent?  The letters and notifications may stop if your student clears UNEXCUSED absences.  Your student may still receive notifications regarding EXCESSIVE EXCUSED absences, to remind parents/guardians of the important of your student's attendance in school.  Poor attendance decreases opportunities for learning.
  • Why does my student have unexcused absences if I called the Attendance Office and informed them that my student would be out of school?  An unexcused absence occurs, despite parent notification to the attendance office, if the absence does not align with the PVUSD Attendance Policy.  
  • What do I do if my student has a medical appointment during school hours?  We ask that parents/guardians please do their best to support their student's academic success by trying to schedule all routine medical and dental appointments outside of school hours, and we understand that this may not be possible.  Please call our Attendance Specialist (Teresa Hernandez) to excuse your student.  Your student will receive an Off-Campus pass from Ms. Hernandez.  Please DO NOT pick you your student without notifying the attendance office.
  • What if my student gets ill at school?  Students who become ill after arriving on campus must check in at the Health Office.  Our Health Office will contact parents/guardians regarding your student's health and your student will be excused from classes. 
  • Who can I talk to to resolve an issue related to my student's absence?  Any concerns regarding student attendance may be resolved by one or more of the following methods
    • Contact the teacher that marked your student absent
    • Contact the student’s school counselor
    • Contact the attendance office Teresa Hernandez 728-7832 ext. 5291 (English) and 5191 (Spanish)
    • Contact the Assistant Principal of Student Services


Homework may be requested by students and/or parents on the 2nd day of an extended absence or illness. Requests should be directed towards each teacher via email and/or a phone message.  Students have two days for every one day of excused absence to complete their homework.

Excessive Excused and/or Unexcused Absences
Absences extending beyond three days may require a doctor’s note. Students who establish a pattern of excessive excused and/or unexcused absences may be referred to a Student Study Team for assistance in improving their attendance.

Habitual Truancy
Students identified as a “habitually truant” (after 18 or more unexcused period absences) may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for truancy mediation. The appropriate assistant principal will counsel the student, notify parents and administer disciplinary action as necessary.