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Students that are truant are in violation of California Education Code 48623 and will be subject to disciplinary consequences, such as exclusion from school-sponsored events.   Students with 18 or more unexcused period absences and/or tardies can be placed on the exclusion list and will lose their privilege of attending dances (includes Prom and the Winter Ball) and the graduation ceremony.    Also, Aptos High School administration has the right to deny or cancel a student's work permit and parking permit if a student has unresolved attendance problems or is chronically absent.   
A student can improve their attendance records by attending Saturday Academy or after school behavior improvement opportunities (such as academic tutoring or a study hall)
As a student of Aptos High School, it is your responsibility to monitor and improve attendance issues. 
  • Note: If you determine that a tardy or absence was inaccurately recorded, then speak with the teacher that documented your attendance and request that they write an email to our Attendance Specialist, Teresa Hernandez, to correct the attendance.