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Credit Recovery in PVUSD

PVUSD offers online credit recovery for students who need to remediate a course required for graduation or to be A-G eligible. Only courses with D or F grades may be remediated and the options are limited to core subjects and some electives. Credit recovery is not offered for acceleration nor for grades of C- or higher. See your Counselor to apply for these programs.
These are the three ways to participate in credit recovery:
1. During the school year at via Extended Learning
2. During the school year at Adult Education (at the District Office)
3. During summer school at a designated campus in the district
PVUSD Extended Learning:
The current program for credit recovery course work is called Edgenuity and all courses are A-G approved. Please contact your counselor to learn more about this credit recovery option. 
Adult Education:
The current program for course work at Adult Ed is called APEX and all courses are A-G approved. Some Edgenuity courses may also be available. Students can complete 5 credits maximum per semester, more with approval. This program is offered Monday through Thursday from 4:00p - 8:00p on a drop-in basis. Only the teacher can "unlock" tests for students.
Summer School: 
Students with F grades and seniors will get priority to attend summer school. Students will D grades may also attend if there are spaces available. One high school campus hosts summer school for the full session. Students may complete 10 credits maximum in summer school. The current program for course work in summer school is called Edgenuity and the courses are A-G approved. 
See your Counselor to enroll in these programs.