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Download and print this handy checklist before you start.
 1: Submit Application to Cabrillo College
Click on US Students Apply. This will take you to the Open CCC page. Click on create account or sign in if you already have an account. You will need your Social Security number if you have one. Fill out the Open CCC form and submit. Make sure to note your user name and password because you will be using this account for applications in the future. Once you submit you will be taken to the start new application page. This is the application to enroll at Cabrillo College. Fill out this form. Make sure that you apply for the Summer 2020 term. If you choose the wrong term you will not be able to participate in Running Start.  
 Cabrillo will send you an email with your Cabrillo College student ID. You will need this ID to register for the next step, the Online Orientation. Be sure to make a note of all user names and passwords.
 2: Complete the Online Orientation
Complete your Cabrillo College on line orientation. Print your certificate of completion and take it with you to your Student Planning and Placement Session. You can also take a screen shot of the certificate displaying your name and present this on your mobile device.
 3: Sign up for a Placement and Planning Workshop
Attend a Cabrillo College  Placement and Planning Workshop.
 You will need your Photo ID, Cabrillo Student ID Number, Certificate of Completion of the Orientation or a screen shot of the certificate displaying your name and present this on your mobile device, and a copy of your AHS transcript. 
You can also call this number - 479-6274 to make a reservation for a public workshop. Check the Placement and Planning calendar for available days and times.
Online Self Guided Placement     
This is a 2 step process! Please make sure to complete both steps.
Step 1: Click for Self Guided Placement online. Self Guided Placement will qualify you for Running Start.
We highly recommend that you attend a Student Planning Session in person. 
Step 2: Go to the Cabrillo College home page. Login to WebAdvisor.  Click on Student Planning. Navigate to Fall 2020 in your planner. Search courses for CG51. Click on add course to plan. Make sure that you see CG51 in your planner for the Fall 2020 term. 
We highly recommend that you still attend a Planning and Placement workshop at Cabrillo College but, the 2 previous steps will qualify as students having an education plan and complete the workshop part for Running Start.
Watch these videos before attending the Placement and Planning Workshop.
Student Planning: Adding, Deleting, Moving Courses On Your Plan.
Registering For Classes Using Student Planning
4: Sign up for a Reg Readiness Workshop 
Cabrillo  offers public Reg Readiness workshops at Cabrillo College. 
 Make an appointment with a Cabrillo counselor by calling 831-479-6274 or 831-479-6385 in Aptos, or 831-786-4734 for Watsonville.
Registration is May 7th
Cabrillo College will send you an email with the time you are able to register. Come to the AHS library a few minutes before that time and be ready to click the register button. 
Think about taking Math Plus over the summer. What is Math Plus? Go to Math Plus Website
Sign up here for the Math Plus during the summer.
The google form can be found at Math Plus June and August 2019
Don't forget to apply for Financial Aid
Important! These steps MUST be completed no later than April 3rd 2020 in order to participate in Running Start. NO EXCEPTIONS
What is the next step?
Read important things to do below


  • You must have an email address to participate in Running Start. If you do not currently have an email address, we suggest you create one with a free provider such as Google (gMail) or Yahoo. If you are unable to create or view your email from home, you may use computers available at your high school, any public library and Cabrillo College.
  • When planning your classes, be sure to include CG 51 (Introduction to College) in either summer or fall 2020. This is a mandated course in order to maintain your priority registration for future terms. 
  • To plan your courses, attend a Planning and Placement Workshop. This workshop should give you the help you need to select good classes for summer and/or fall 2020. 
  • If an appointment with a Cabrillo counselor is needed, do so by calling 831-479-6274 or 831-786-4734 or 831-479-6385. You must bring your assessment scores with you to the counseling appointment.
  • After your application is processed (please allow time for processing) you may log on to WebAdvisor.  Within WebAdvisor you may:
  • Search for classes and add them to your “Preferred Sections” in preparation for registration.
  • Verify your contact information by clicking on “Verify/Change My Contact Information.” It is important to keep your information up-to-date to receive communication from Cabrillo College.
  • You may use WebAdvisor to register for classes  at your designated date and time.