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Substitute Teacher Rotation

PVFT Equitable Rotation of Teachers Substituting When No Substitute is Available
In an effort to maintain equity, cooperation and positive relations along with supporting the PVFT contract - all certificated staff we be included in an equitable rotation of substitute duties according to the contract language below.  If you have not already informed Claudia Zuniga or Karina Lopez that you would like to sub when periods are available please do so.  This way they can place you on the “willing to sub” list according to language below.  Note that all certificated staff are included.  A list of who has already substituted is already available for your perusal if you are interested.  The main office will be keeping this list and you can see it anytime.  See Claudia or your PVFT site rep for questions or concerns.  Here is basic outline of process that will be implemented:
  • Vacancy exists where no sub is available by district
  • Claudia, Karina or an administrator contacts teachers who are on prep and who have suggested that they are interested in covering colleagues when a vacancy exists
  • If nobody from the volunteer list is able/willing to sub, the next available teacher or staff member who is in turn during that particular period to request them to sub – they should make every effort to do their turn and sub for the vacancy
  • If the above said person in line is unable/unwilling this time around then they can request to skip this time but will be obligated next time a vacancy exists and cannot opt out at this point.
  • The rotation continues so that all teachers/staff fill vacancies equitably.
*All certificated staff are included in rotation (counselors, admin, AD, etc)
*staff will be paid at the supplemental instructional rate for their valuable time helping the district and our colleagues when no sub is available.
 PVFT Contract Language
Article IV.D.5 Preparation Time:
                5. During their preparation periods, teachers may be required to substitute for another teacher or perform occasionally supervisory duties when student safety is of primary concern.  Such substituting shall be assigned on a reasonable and equitable basis consistent with the general guidelines below:
                                a. Creation of Lists.
i. Voluntary List.  At the beginning of each school year, the site administrator shall ask all certificated staff at the site if they wish to be called to substitute during their preparation period and shall develop a list of volunteer certificated employees.
ii. Rotational List of Certificated Employees at Site.  At the beginning of each school year, the site administrator will develop a list of all available certificated employees at the site who will be assigned substitution duties on a rotational basis.
                                b. Assignment Process
i. The site administrator shall first assign an available substitute teacher who is on site to cover the class which lacks a teacher.
ii. If no substitute is available, the site administrator shall call for volunteers.
iii. If there are no volunteers, the site administrator shall contact certificated employees in rotational order, based on the list referred to in paragraph a.ii. above.
iv. A daily record of which employees covered classes will be maintained and available for review.
c. Compensation.  Teachers who substitute during their preparation period shall be paid in accordance with Article VII, F.