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Athletic Early Out Policy

1. Student athletes should check in advance for the work they will be missing.
2. They are responsible for making it all up (they are excused from class, not excused from work).
3. Please don't let them out earlier than requested. Don't let them canoodle you into an even earlier dismissal. The Athletic Director cuts it close on purpose. He works to ensure student athletes miss as little class time as possible.
4. If you see he has accidently left a name off the list, please call him in his office (x.483). However, please note that academically ineligible athletes do not get early-outs.
5. Early dismissals are a privilege, not a right (and you can remind your students about that...please), but before you refuse an early-out, before the student is so behind or so out-of-control that you won't let them out early (you shouldn't let them out early), please contact the coach. Please give the coach advance notice. All their contacts are at, and I can share them with you also. Plus, on the Cc line of every early-out is the coach's e-mail address. Please let them know in advance that refusal is a possibility. It's not fair to the coaches and other team members to pull the plug on game day without advance notice. Plus, often coaches can help you with classroom issues regarding their athletes.
Finally, it's always helpful if you remind the kids of these rules.