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The SAIL Team

Who is part of the SAIL team?

Who is part of the SAIL team?

At Aptos High, each adult on campus is part of the SAIL team. We work collectively to encourage positive behaviors from our students, in all settings on campus. We believe in working with all stake holders to ensure our school wide system of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) reaches each student equitably and fairly. As PBIS is a tiered approach to behavior management, there are different leadership teams for each tier of support.
PBIS Teams

PBIS Teams

SAIL Leadership Team (Tier 1)

The purpose of the SAIL Leadership Tier 1 Team is to develop and maintain universal systems that reach at least 80% of our student population. For more information, see the section titled "What does the SAIL Leadership team do?"
  • Aaron Bielenberg - Administrative Lead
  • Rachael Jones - Administrative Support
  • Ryane Ortiz - Teacher Lead
  • Amber Gardea - Teacher Representative
  • Mikayla Heffner - Teacher Representative
  • Maddy Swift - Teacher Representative
  • Omar Cruz - Wellness Team Counselor
  • Logan Roberts - Mental Health Clinician
  • Jonathan Flores - Security Team Representative
  • Lea Graff - Parent Representative
Our aim is to add a student representative on this team.

PBIS Wellness Team (Tier 2)

The purpose of the Wellness Tier 2 Team is targeted support for students whose behaviors indicate higher needs. This team works to address 10-15% of the student population by increasing their interventions and supports, with more adult assistance.
  • Rachael Jones - Administrative Lead
  • Aaron Bielenberg - Administrative Support
  • Susan Styrpejko - School Psychologist
  • Omar Cruz - Mental Health Clinician
  • Logan Roberts - Mental Health Clinician
  • Alicia Lampel - School Nurse
  • Christina Souza - Social-Emotional Counselor
  • Counseling Team
    • Kristin Fox
    • Kristen Barrett
    • John Mason
    • Maureen Brandi
Our aim is to include special education teachers and more counselor to the Tier 2 team as well.

Individualized Interventions (Tier 3)

The purpose of the Individualized Interventions Tier 3 Team is to provide intensive and individualized support for students where Tier 1 and 2 supports have not been sufficient to experience success, about 1-5% of the student population. 
  • Administrative Team
  • AHS Counseling Team
  • Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance (PVPSA)
  • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Social workers
What does the Sail Leadership Team do?

What does the Sail Leadership Team do?

The Tier 1 SAIL Leadership Team meets at least monthly to develop and strenghten our schoolwide systems of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). This includes:
  • creating intervention and support structures to be used schoolwide, and then teaching these systems to the staff on campus. For more information, see the subpage titled "Schoolwide Positive Reinforcement and Interventions and Supports".
  • developing lessons for the whole staff to teach positive behaviors to our students during Tutorial time
  • reviewing discipline data (and obvserve any disproportionality) and responding with fidelity on how to address these concerns
  • facilitating 5 Star Fest to recognize positive student behaviors