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5 Star

What is 5 star?

What is 5 star?

5 Star is a digital tool Aptos High uses for school wide positive reinforcement. Any staff can enter a student's ID number or name to award them with 5 Star points. Points can be awarded for displaying SAIL behaviors, Mariner Manners, for some event participation, club participation, sports participation, and for earning a Mariner Moment. Students can track their points using the 5 Star Student App, or they can track their points from this webpage. Students can redeem their points for prizes throughout the school year, at 5 Star Fest or 5 Star Tuesday
Redeeming 5 Star Points For Prizes

Redeeming 5 Star Points For Prizes

5 Star Fest

What? This is where students can redeem their points for BIG prizes, such as gift cards, lunch parties with staff, candy, Mariner Gear, plants, and many other prizes.
When and Where? 5 Star Fest happens once per semester (two per year). 
  • Self-Redeeming for prizes: occurs individually before the lunchtime pick-up days
  • Pick-Up Days: occur during lunch time in the Main Quad
How? Students self-redeem for prizes online before the lunchtime pick-up days. They can redeem on the 5 Star App OR from this school website. When the window to self-redeem opens, it's like online shopping. If a student has enough points for the prize they want, they can select it to redeem. Then, students come pick up their prizes at lunch based on last name. For more information on this process, see the "5 Star Fest" section on this webpage.

5 Star Tuesdays

What? This is where students can redeem their points for smaller prizes, such as candy, school supplies, and Mariner Gear.
When and Where? 5 Star Tuesdays usually occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month. Students come to the quad at lunch to redeem their points for prizes.
How? Students do not self-redeem for prizes ahead of time, like they do for 5 Star Fest. Instead, students stand in line at ASB-in-a-box and select from a small menu to redeem their points from prizes. Students will receive their prizes right then.


5 Star students LogoClick on image for information on how to earn points for positive behaviors, rewards for positive behaviors, participate in activities, and events, and the leaderboard for points earned.
How many points have I earned?
The first 5 Star Fest of the 2023-2024 school year will be in December!
Instructions for how to download the app
5 Star Student App