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Booster Donation Request

Booster Donation Request for 2015-16

July 2015

Welcome to 2015-16 Mariner Families,

Did you know that the AHS Booster Club gave $32,519 to support academics, athletics, technology and clubs at our school last year? Please help us continue to support Aptos High School and all the students! 

Our school district continues to face an extreme budget crisis which has caused Aptos High School to endure reductions and/or elimination in critical areas as technology, athletics, music, counselors, nurses, librarian, buses, and campus security just to name a few.


We are asking for your help. 

The Booster Club is dedicated to fundraising to help fill the void created by these ongoing cuts.  We are deeply concerned that our traditional fundraising events will not meet the projected needs this year!  One way to relieve some of this financial burden and allow AHS to maintain as many important student-centered programs as possible, is by asking parents to make a tax deductible contribution.  As with all donations to the Booster Club, these funds will be spent in accordance with the bylaws, input from members, representatives of various educational groups, and those who attend our monthly meetings.  Come join in!


If you are able to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.  There are two ways to donate:

  1. Write a check payable to “AHS Booster Club” and mail it to: Booster Club, 100 Mariner Way, Aptos, CA  95003.
    For your tax deduction record, our Tax ID #23-7054702
  2. Look for the Pay Pal button on the Booster Club school Web Site marked “Booster Donation”.

7 Donation Options to Help - Letter to the Mariners Community

Dear Mariner Families –


We are writing to alert you to major fundraising challenge we are facing this year at Aptos High School and giving you a choice of 7 Donation Options to Help.

The AHS Boosters Club has typically raised $35,000-$40,000 annually across various fundraising activities.  About 50% of this ($18,000 on average) comes from eScript donations.  The majority of this has come from Mariner Families who signed up for the program and shop at Safeway stores.  Up to 4% of your monthly Safeway grocery bill came back to AHS through eScript.  Earlier this year, Cerberus Capital Management Group purchased Safeway and in August we were notified that Safeway would no longer be participating and would be pulling out of the program completely (link here).

We met with Safeway local management to encourage them to reconsider at the local level.  Unfortunately they are not currently able to support eScript.  Rest assured we intend to explore other fundraising opportunities for AHS with our local Safeway stores.

In the meantime, we are challenging the community to step up and support Aptos High School Boosters Club by donating in whatever way you can.   There are 7 Donation Options for you to consider.  We need everyone’s help to close the gap in our funding pipeline so that we can continue to support important curriculum and extra-curricular activities at Aptos High School.   Furthermore, we believe we should be able to surpass our previous year’s fundraising so that we’re able to fund 100% of the requests that come through AHS Booster Club.


7 Donation Options  - Multiple Ways to Help 

  1. Direct Donations:  If every family donated at least $25 we’d make up the $18k and then some.  If you are able to make a direct donation we encourage you to do so.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization so your donations are tax deducible.  It’s really easy - you simply access the Aptos High School Boosters Club page here and click on the donate button to access our PayPal account.  You can also mail a check to Aptos High School Boosters Club at 100 Mariner Way, Aptos CA 95003.   If you’d like your funding contribution to be directed in a certain way please note that in your donation.
  2. Participate in the Drive for Schools Fundraiser:  This fundraiser kicked off last week and most teams, clubs and several group classes are participating in this fundraiser where 100% of the ticket sales go back to those groups.  Please encourage your student to participate in selling tickets for his/her group and support the program by purchasing tickets.  Not only will you be supporting AHS, you’ll also have a chance to win a New Subaru Outback, a New Toyota Prius or $25,000 in cash prizes.  For more information or to buy tickets online please click this link .
  3. Buy Mariner Wear:  Every Mariner Wear clothing item, accessory and fan gear sale supports Aptos High School.  Please look for Mariner Wear sales at key sporting events throughout the year.  If you are a team or club parent rep, please help us by volunteering to

host a Mariner Wear Sale at your students’ home game or club event.  Please reach out to us for more information on getting involved:[email protected].  Please note that we are currently looking at avenues to sell Mariner Wear online; however, our current supplier doesn’t support online Mariner Wear sales.  We hope to bring this back in 2016.

  1. Go Shopping on Amazon via our home page link:  By connecting to Amazon via our home page link a percentage of your purchase will come back to Aptos High School.  Amazon tracks the clicks coming in via AHS home page and gives us an “Advertising Credit” for each sale tracked back to our site.  Remember, you have to go through the Amazon link on our home page here for your purchase to count.
  2. Save the Date - Annual Dinner Dance & Auction -  March 12, 2016:  Please save the date for this important fundraiser.  The Night of Stars is lining up to be a great evening out.  Aptos Band – Hall Pass will be on stage at the La Selva Beach Clubhouse where we have great food, beer and wine and fun times planned.  It’s always a really fun night out and you’ll be supporting AHS by attending.
  3. Donate Items for our Annual Dinner Dance Auction:  This year we will be adding an online auction to the annual dinner dance fundraiser.  We know from our work with other schools and non-profits that online auctions are a successful avenue to generate fundraising revenue.  To make this a huge success we need donations.  We need tangible items such as:  Vacation Rental Properties, New Sports Equipment, Gift Cards (Dinner, Spa Treatments, Club Memberships etc), Tickets to Sporting Events and more.  If you’ve got items to donate, please contact us at [email protected].  It’s tax deductible!
  4. Business or Corporate Donations:  This year we are formalizing our outreach to local businesses and regional Corporations.  If you are a business owner who can help or work for a company that you believe will be interested in supporting Aptos High School Booster Club.  Please reach out to us via our boosters email: [email protected].


Please donate in whatever way you can.  It will make a huge difference to how we can support the students at Aptos High School.


Thank you for your time and support! 




Casey O'Brien, Principal, Aptos High School

Inbar Beerman, President, AHS Boosters Club

Kathleen Malone, Vice President, AHS Boosters Club

Additional ways you can help our students

Additional ways you can help our students (without spending a penny):

  • Whenever you shop on please start shopping from AHS home page: and scroll down under the calendar to see our link. Better off - bookmark this link so you will not forget. Every time you shop from here our school will get 5-15% of your spending at no extra charge to you! 
  • Use as your search engine instead of Google. 
  • Volunteer at a Booster-sponsored event.  Here are a few for this school year:

Back to School Night Burrito Dinner

Drive for Schools Fundraiser (Car Raffle)

Aptos High Booster Dinner/Dance/Auction

Selling Mariner Wear

Thank you

Thank you for your much needed help during these difficult times. 

Please contact the Booster Club at [email protected]  with any questions, concerns or input. 

Please visit the Booster Club link on the school website for even more information.

 We truly appreciate your generous support!     

Aptos High Booster Club:

President - Kathleen Malone

Vice President - Mary Perry

Treasurer - Walt Eissmann          

Secretary - Aimee Escalante

Principal - Peggy Pughe

Amazon - Inbar Berman

Mariner Wear - Lara Levingston

Parents Lecture Series - Donna Townsend

Drive for Schools - TBD

Hospitality - Cynthia Mazzei-Bartlebaugh