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Meeting Norms



  1. Start and End on time – time keeper keeps facilitator on track for individual agenda items
  2. Issues Bin for items not pertinent to more than a few
  3. Stay focused on agenda items


  1. One person at a time, focus on speaker, no side conversations
  2. Relevant content, to the point
  3. Common courtesy – no side work, planning, cell phones…
  4. Info in written form in advance when possible, visual aids   as tools


  1. Respect all – disagreement is okay provided it is done respectfully
  2. The bulk of each meeting reserved for collaboration & decision making (information should come via email or mail boxes as much as possible).


  1. All attend meetings – follow up meeting next AM for all who missed
  2. Activities should be purposeful and meaningful
  3. Active listening and participation
  4. Address Issues (from Bin) that are pertinent to many
  5. Utilize Roles of Convener, Time Keeper, Recorder, Reflector for every staff meeting and/or where appropriate


*Part time staff attend the number of meetings equal to the percentage of their contract.  They can consult with their Department Chair or the Principal as to which meetings may be most pertinent to them.  On season coaches may meet with principal at a time different than the next morning.