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Full Load

The “full load” of courses taken by students is 30 units per semester and students will generally be required to enroll in 30 units. With the approval of the principal or designee, a pupil may enroll in a combination of courses (“regular” classes, Independent Study, Adult Courses, etc.) for a maximum of 45 units per semester. Forty-five units is the maximum number that may be credited in any one semester.

 “Inc,” the designation for incomplete work and an incomplete grade, may be issued when appropriate but must be made up within ten school days or the grade automatically becomes an “F” with no credit granted (except that illness, family emergency or the absence of identified migrant students may result in reasonable extension of time.) At the conclusion of spring semester any teacher granting “Inc” must leave with the principal or designee a written description of what is needed to complete the course, what grade may be achieved, and other
pertinent information. The principal or designee may grant exceptions.