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Triathlon Course

AHS Triathlon 2014

The AHS Triathalon Course


I.  Swim: 500 yards

20 laps in the pool, each lap is 1x down the length of the pool.

II. Bike: 3 Laps

  • Begin at the pool.
  • Ride down to the bottom of the school out towards Freedom blvd.
  • At the second turn sign make a u-turn and ride all the way back up to the custodial storage area on Port Place.
  • Continue back down Port Place to the stadium
  • Turn right again up towards the flag pole and back over to the pool area.
  • Repeat this loop a total of 3 Times.


  • Begin at the pool area.
  • Transition area for bikes is in front of pool and weight room.
  • Drop off your bike and begin the run.

III. Run: 1 Lap

  • Run down the stairs by the new gym towards the stadium.
  • Enter the stadium.
  • Turn left across the top of the stadium bleachers.
  • Run down the far Left (South) set of stairs onto the track.
  • Continue running clock-wise around the track.
  • Exit the track by the snack shack bell.
  • Run up the sidewalk to the top of the stadium again.
  • Run back up to the pool area
  • Turn right towards the flag pole.
  • Run up the stairs through the qua.
  • Run up the senior stairs.
  • Go around the back of the cafeteria up to Port Place again.
  • Turn Right and run down Port Place towards the stadium.
  • Run behind the Scoreboard (South) side of the stadium.
  • Turn Left down the dirt trail behind the Baseball Field
  • Run down the trail until reaching the road and the Mariner Arch.
  • Continue running down the side walk towards Freedom Blvd.
  • Make a U-turn at the second turn sign again
  • Run back up the side walk.
  • Run up the big hill (under the arch way and up the main road), until you reach the top of the hill.
  • Turn Left up the dirt trail (The "Power Line Trail") to the top of the dirt hill.
  • Turn Right on the Eucalyptus trail.
  • Run up to the top of the Eucalyptus trail to the big water towers.
  • Turn right through the gate behind the water tanks
  • Run down the side walk next to the Tennis Courts.
  • Run the road around the stadium.
  • Run back up to the flag pole and Finish Line at the pool area (transition area).