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Pre Race day Meeting Tutorial Thursday May 21.

Tri-athlete, you MUST ATTEND Mr.Rubi’s tutorial class this Thursday May 21st.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting. It is of course our triathlon race day, Thurs. May 21st. We will be putting your Race Numbers on you during tutorial. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!!!!

Tri-athlete, on race day, Thurs. May 21st, , you need to be well prepared. Get good sleep the night before. Eat a good breakfast. Eat again during tutorial, and then you must wait to eat until after the Triathlon. This will help you race with more energy and without having any stomach cramps. Make sure your bike is properly tuned up and you have a HELMET to wear for the bike portion.  Also, think about having an efficient transition station set up from the swim to the bike portion.  This will help have a faster finishing time.

I wish you all the best,


Triathlon Details

Race Day May 21st at 12:00


Training Days

Swim Days - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

Time 6-7:30am

Bike Days - Fridays

Time TBD

Run Days - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time TBD

Speak to Mr. Rubi for more Information

Triathlon Races Logo

Liability Release

Please Print this Liability Release and Submit it to Mr.Rubi as soon as possible.

Sign Up For The 2014 AHS Triathalon

Contact for more info
Manuel Rubi (831) 728-7832 ex: 5208 Physical EducationTeacher

Bicycle safety check

Bicycle safety check required for all triathletes who will be participating in the cycling leg of the triathlon.

Bicycle safety checks can be received here at Aptos High School’s Bicycle Repair Class 1st period, or at any local bike shop in town.

A properly functioning bicycle is extremely important for the safety and performance of each participant.

I. Swim 20 Laps: 500 Yards
Swim 500 yards
II. Bike 3 Laps: 4.5 Miles
Bike 3 laps
III. Run 1 Lap: 2.5 Miles
Run 1 lap