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Certificate of Proficiency / Equivalency

b. Certificate of Proficiency/High School Equivalency



An "accredited" school is one that has received accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or other statewide or regional commissions or, in the case of a school outside California, by the equivalent governmental or other regional accrediting
agency in that jurisdiction.

Transfers from Accredited Schools

Students transferring into the district from an accredited school shall receive full academic
credit for previously completed courses when the sending district verifies that the student has
satisfactorily completed those courses.

Transfers from Non-Accredited Schools

When a student transfers from any non-accredited private, public, alternative, home or
charter school, academic credit shall be subject to approval by the principal or designee at the
enrolling school. Credits transferred from these schools shall be fully accepted when there is
evidence that the course work completed is equivalent to similar courses offered in this
district. The principal or designee at the enrolling school shall be responsible for determining which
of the student's credits are equivalent to district requirements.