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Custom Grade Codes

Navigating to the Grade Codes

Log In to School Loop:

  1. Click the Settings link near the top-right of any page.Settings
  2. Select any of your Gradebooks from the "Gradebook Settings".
  3. Click on the button titled "Go" for "Custom Codes (Universal)".
custom codes

Creating A Custom Code

  1. Click the button titled "Create New Code".
  2. Complete the form:

    new code

  • Code: The value you will enter as a score
  • Definition: Plain English explanation of the code
  • Value: Take your pick. If you choose Percent you must also enter a numerical value in the Percent input field.




  • NOTE:  If a "Code" has a "Value" of "Zero", it will be counted in the number of "Zeros" found in the "Dashboard" of a student's "Portal", and will be viewable by both students AND their guardians.
    • In order to set up EVERY missing assignment displaying as a Zero in the progress report, insert the following settings:
      • Code = M or m or Mi or mi or ___
      • Definition = Missing Assignment
      • Value = Zero