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Teacher Evaluation

Resources and Steps for Certificated Evaluation 2013-14

Certificated (both tenured and non-tenured*) staff should use the following resources to guide you through the evaluation process for this school year.

2013-14 Evaluation Steps for Certificated Staff

1 - PVUSD Non-Tenured Evaluation Booklet (09-10)

2 - PVUSD Tenured Evaluation Booklet (10-11)

3 - Introduction of Teacher Continuum of Abilities

4 - Continuum of Teacher Abilities - NTP 2001

5 - PVUSD Teacher Self Assessment Summary Template (10-11)

6 -Teacher Evaluation Timeline Calendar (10-11)

*for non-tenured staff working with New Teacher Project advisors - additional forms will need to be aquired through them.  See your friendly administrator for questions.