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Aptos High School is in a WASC Year


What is WASC?

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is our accrediting agency.  They work with high schools to conduct a rigorous accreditation process.  This school year is a WASC self-study year for Aptos High School. That means AHS will be doing a thorough self-study of our systems, instruction of students, and school culture. Students, teachers, staff and parents will participate in the self study by completing surveys, reviewing school data, and participating in group interviews. As part of the requirements for WASC, AHS will write a report that reflects the findings of the self-study. This report will be shared with our visiting committee, a team of teachers and administrators from outside of our area, in the spring semester. This team will visit AHS in the spring to “validate” the self-study report. The visiting team wants to see if the systems, instruction, and school culture is consistent with the finding reported/communicated in the self-study. This is an extremely valuable process that assists us in gaining critical insights into our areas of strength and areas for growth.


How do I participate as a parent?

We are inviting AHS parents to participate in the WASC process.  If you are interested in participating in our WASC process this year please select the "I Want to Participate in WASC" form link. Thank you.


WASC Chair
Kathryn Kriscunas (831) 728-7832 ex: 5259 AP Environmental Science / Environmental Science

Overview of WASC at AHS

WASC Video