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Aptos High Volunteer Webpage

At Aptos High School, Volunteers are our most valuable and important partners in education. We encourage parents to stay involved in their student's education.

Please regularly check back on this site for any new or upcoming events!

Thank you for your valuable time that you so generously donate to the students and staff at Aptos High School.

Thank you Volunteers!!
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Volunteer Forms

Recent Work

This past year, AHS Volunteers helped:

  • Beautify the campus
  • Bake delicious desserts for departmental awards, Senior award night and Grad Nite turn in breakfast
  • Organize and provide food for the staff appreciation luncheon
  • Donate items for a raffle at the staff appreciation luncheon
  • Organize/supervise Grad Night
  • Support the Boosters
  • Help the office staff with clerical work
  • Keep score at sporting events
  • Offer any assistance to the homecoming floats, dances and parade
  • Sell drive for school tickets
  • Organize scholarships
  • Serve on the Pajaro Unified School District Scholarship Committee
  • Contact potential new scholarship donors
  • Sell concessions at:
    • sporting events
    • performing arts events
    • hospitality events
  • ALWAYS available to fill in at various last minute events.

Thank you for all your help!