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Getting Support Now

Social Emotional Services

school closure updates

March 27, 2020

We hope everyone is taking care of themselves and their families during these difficult and unprecedented times. The SocioEmotional counseling team at PVUSD is navigating how to best serve our students now, and for what may be an ongoing period of distance learning. Our team is setting a protocol for how we can communicate with students and disseminate resources for families. Here are some of our community resources that may assist family needs.

Thank you and be well.

Please see below for resources.

Make a Wellness Referral

Printable Wellness Referral Form

  • Wellness Referrals are located in every classroom and in the main office.
  • Wellness Referrals can be filled out by student (for him/herself or friend), staff members, parents, or community members. Follow directions on top of form.
  • Once a Wellness Referral is received by the Social-Emotional counselor, emphasis will be put towards supporting the student and their needs. Referral for site-based support or out of school support may be recommended.


    • If school is in session, you may contact Aptos High School and notify of the student in need.
    • If School is out of session, you may call 911. If student is at-risk of harming themselves or others, you may take the student to the closest emergency room for further evaluation. 

District and Community Resources

Important #'s to know:

Child Protective Services : (831) 454-2273 or toll free at 1-877-505-3299 available 24-hours a day.

Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health : (831) 454-4170, 1400 Emeline Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Student Services- Pajaro Valley Unified School District: (831) 786-2390294 Green Valley Road, Third Floor,Watsonville, CA  95076

Social-Emotional Counselor can assist in connecting students and families with the below resources:

  • Healthy Start-PVUSD
    • Help to link families to after school programs, medical/dental services, immunization and physical exam appointments, and counseling services.
    • Assistance with County/State Human Resources forms
    • Enrollment assistance in Cal Fresh
    • Assistance with housing applications
    • Students in Transition Program- A program that helps children, youth, Foster and families in transition that are experiencing homelessness
  • Pajaro Valley Prevention Student Assistance (PVPSA)
    • PVPSA provides services to students, families, and staff of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) and the local communities.
    • Available to both medi-cal and non medi-cal students
  • Encompass Community Services
    • Youth Services offers a broad spectrum of services that help heal and nurture the mental and social well-being of children, youth and families. In collaboration with other non-profits, courts, schools, funders and families, we support the vitality of our community and its future.
    • Avaiable to students with medi-cal. Encompass also offers a sliding scale rate.
  • Santa Cruz County Children Mental Health
    • Serves eligible youth who are at risk for out of home placement with serious emotional disturbances. The goals of service are to help families achieve positive outcomes, reduce out of home placements, maintain family and foster care stability, and decrease the return to Juvenile Hall, psychiatric hospitalization, and out of home placement.
  • Police Activities League
    • The Police Activities League is a youth crime prevention program that relies on educational, athletic, and other recreational activities to cement a bond among police officers, recreation leaders, youth and their parents
    • Students must have a 2.0 GPA and good standing with their attendance
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Survivors Healing Center

Intensive Therapy Groups for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Survivors Healing Center offers groups in Santa Cruz Downtown, Park Avenue and Watsonville, in English and in Spanish:

-Men’s Groups

-Women’s Groups

-Teen groups

-Partners of Survivors

-Mothers of Survivors

-Group for Service Providers who are survivors

-Expressive Arts for Women

-Beginning to Heal Group

-Retreat for Survivors

-Couples Workshop

survivors-healing center group counseling

Socio-Emotional Counselor
Socio-Emotional Counselor
Christina Souza (831) 728-7832 ex: 5106 / Socio-Emotional Counselor

Quick Phone # Reference

Child Protective Services: 

 (831) 454-2273

Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health :

 (831) 454-4170

Student Services- Pajaro Valley Unified School District: 

(831) 786-2390

Students in Transition Program (PVUSD program):

(831) 728-6247

Pajaro Valley Prevention Student Assistance:

(831) 786-8957