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Teacher Directory
Adolfo, Silvestra (831) 688-6565 ex.603 Special Day Class Teacher
Angelacos, Jenny (831) 688-6565 ex.631 ROP Graphic Design / Video Productions Teacher
Armstrong, Julia (831) 688-6565 ex.697 Resource Specialist Teacher
Aronovici, Stacy (831) 688-6565 ex.423 Theatre Arts & Yearbook Teacher (Chair)
Barrick, Kerri (831) 688-6565 ex.106 English Teacher (Chair)
Benson, Robert (831) 688-6565 ex.124 ROP Criminal Justice Teacher
Birchler, Lara (831) 688-6565 ex.654 Art Teacher
Blankenship, Randy (831) 688-6565 ex.469 Physical Education Teacher / Football Coach
Brenner, Doron (831) 247-5435 ROP Computer-Aided Design Teacher
Casey, Brian (831) 688-6565 ex.665 Resource Specialist (Chair)
Cecy, Timothy (831) 688-6565 ex.627 Special Day Class Teacher
DeMuth, Douglas (831) 688-6565 ex.601 Physical Science Teacher
Di Grazia, Cheryl (831) 688-6565 ex.108 English Teacher
Domhoff, Joel ROP Teacher
Edwards, Donald (831) 688-6565 ex.458 English Teacher
Eldred, Lindsey (831) 688-6565 ex.273 Music Teacher
Emanuel, Shuntelle (831) 688-6565 ex.126 Social Studies Teacher
Galloway, Catrina (831) 688-6565 ex.438 English Teacher
Goeckermann, Robert (831) 345-7783 Biological Science Teacher (Chair)
Grant, Barbara (831) 688-6565 ex.600 Computer Literacy / Foods Teacher
Graydon, Nerissa (831) 688-6565 ex.107 English Teacher
Gruber, Daniel (831) 688-6565 ex.626 World History / AP European History Teacher
Hall, Donna (831) 688-6565 Teacher
Hill, Lawrence (831) 688-6565 ex.687 Health Teacher
Hueth, Grant (831) 688-6565 ex.666 Mathematics Teacher / Surf Team Coach
Johnson, Larry (831) 688-6565 ex.605 Chemistry Teacher
Jones, Rachael (831) 688-6565 ex.616 Teacher
LaHue, Thomas (831) 688-6565 ex.458 AP Environmental Science Teacher
Maleta, Mary Teacher
Manabe, Tadashi (831) 688-6565 ex.608 Mathematics Teacher
Mann, Michael (831) 688-6565 Teacher
Marchese, Teri (831) 688-6565 ex.440 Spanish Teacher (Chair)
Marks, Veronique (831) 688-6565 ex.611 Art Teacher
McBride, Gregory (831) 688-6565 ex.418 Marine Biology Teacher
McDowell, Karen (831) 688-6565 ex.455 French and Spanish Teacher
Miller, Craig (831) 688-6565 ex.667 Digital Literacy, Web Design, Digital Innovations
Miller, Gretchen (831) 688-6565 ex.422 Biological Science Teacher
Mitchener, Kevin (831) 688-6565 ex.618 Mathematics Teacher
Most, Mackenzie (831) 688-6565 ex.421 Biological Science Teacher
Mullin, Tamra (831) 688-6565 ex.404 Mathematics Teacher
Notari, Debora (831) 688-6565 ex.619 English Teacher
Offutt, Melissa (831) 688-6565 ex.147 Art Teacher
Ostrowski, Jennifer (831) 688-6565 ex.614 Teacher
Pence, Janet (831) 688-6565 ex.647 Mathematics Teacher
Penna, Michael (831) 688-6565 ex.606 Coach & PE Teacher
Pepperdine, Anthony (831) 688-6565 ex.678 Teacher of Mathematical Concepts
Phillips, Cecilia (831) 688-6565 ex.668 Spanish Teacher
Platero, Sherry (831) 688-6565 ex.672 Physical Education (Chair)
Quitzau, Carol (831) 688-6565 ex.105 Mathematics Teacher (Chair)
Roberts, Jeffrey (831) 688-6565 ex.644 Special Day Class Teacher / Wrestling Coach
Rubi, Manuel (831) 688-6565 ex.646 Physical Creativity Teacher
Russell, Karen Staff
Silver, Melisa (831) 688-6565 ex.109 English Teacher
Slivkoff, Steve (831) 688-6565 Adaptive PE Teacher
Smith, Joseph (831) 688-6565 ex.683 Social Science Teacher (Chair)
Sterling, Faith (831) 688-6565 ex.643 Special Day Class Teacher
Tracy, Suzie (831) 688-6565 ex.680 Math Teacher
Tumminelli, Brian (831) 688-6565 ex.131 Social Science Teacher
Vitol, Barrett (831) 688-6565 ex.617 Social Science Teacher
Vivo, Antonio (831) 688-6565 ex.429 English Teacher
Whalen, Joseph (831) 688-6565 ex.673 Spanish Teacher
Whitwam, Thomas (831) 688-6565 ex.685 Social Science Teacher
Zaragosa, Danielle English Teacher
Zuniga, Roberto (831) 688-6565 ex.449 Spanish Teacher