Starting Off the New School Year With the Right Mindset
Posted by: Christina Souza Published: 8/15/17


Presence and Awareness
Starting off a new school year can be challenging to switch from our too-short summer mode back to being organized and ready for classes, activities, clubs, or whatever else we're supposed to do and wanting to do.  Some of us can feel the pressure of all we now have on our plates.


In our busy world, our minds and bodies can respond to these changes and stress.  We may have a hard time slowing down for much needed resting moments. It is also easy to get stuck thinking about things in the past or the future, while forgetting to focus on the present here and now.

The benefits of mindfulness for children, teens, and adults are numerous, including increased health benefits, decreased stress, and increased resilience.

Mindfulness itself is a challenge to define, and it can be a challenge to get started. Some say mindfulness is not hard nor easy, but remembering to be mindful can be difficult especially when first attempting to establish the habit. Simply put, mindfulness is bringing our awareness to the present moment without judgement.  It can be practiced while being still or by mindful movements. There's a lot a great mindfulness information out there to help us out. To get started, click on the links below.

Be Well,

~Christina Souza

Socio-emotional Counselor, AHS