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Cheryl Nickel

AHS Librarian 

[email protected] 

Local Scholarship Application

Local Scholarship Application Checklist

2018 Local Scholarship Application is now CLOSED!

This is a list of items recommended to have prior to starting your local scholarship application.

Student Information:

q Know citizenship status (U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, AB540)
Academic Transcript (GPA & Class Rank #)
Two references (Name, Position & Phone number)
School & Community Activities
School & Community Awards & Honors
Employment information
Personal Statement (Roughly about 500 words)


Parent(s) Information:

Parent’s Employers
Household Size (# of people parents support more than 51%)
2017 Estimated Annual Gross Income
2017 Untaxed Income (Child Support receive, Disability, etc.)
2017 Medical Expenses not covered by insurance or Medi-Cal

Personal Statement

Your essay is a statement regarding your academic and career objectives, goals, and aspirations.

You may want to include some of the following:

• What has shaped you as a person?
• What are your educational and career goals?
•  Why have you chosen these goals?
How do you envision making a contribution to our community after completing your education?
Include any special circumstances or unusual hardships.


 Tax Returns

Students are responsible for submitting the first page of their Parents’ 2017 IRS Tax Return to be eligible for Financial Need-Based Scholarships. If you do not have 2017 tax return,  submit your Parents' 2016 Tax Return.

Tax returns are to be submitted to Cheryl Nickel in the Library. All information will be considered confidential.


Faculty Recommendation Form click here

2018 Local Scholarship Application is now Closed!