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News Item: Wellness

2016 Fall Finals Bell Schedule

Final exams for the first semester are coming soon!  See the attached bell schedules for Fall Finals weeks.  Students should be prepared for this important aspect of their courses by staying caught up with current assignments and spending quality time studying for their finals.  Finals can be weighted up to 20% of the grade in their courses so preparing sufficiently and being sure students are here for their finals is critical.  


Families are encouraged not to leave town early for trips etc that will result in students missing finals.  Parents and students should understand that no final exams will be given early (before the scheduled date for that course) for any student.  Giving finals early jeopardizes the confidentiality of the content on the final and rewards students/families for missing finals due to vacations and other reasons.   Students who miss the final will be assigned a failing grade (not incomplete) for the missed exam and that will be factored into the semester average.  


Teachers are required to provide a reasonable opportunity for the student to make up the exam when they return and then change the grade accordingly when they’ve completed the final.  This must be done within the first ten days of the following semester (unless the student is Migrant and has completed a Migrant Student Final Exam contract with their teacher).  Students who have no other option but to miss the final are encouraged to inform their teacher of this as soon as possible so that a plan to make up the exam can be put into place.  

Posted by: C Mill (DO NOT LoopMail This Account) Published:11/29/16
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