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Midsummer Night - Fall '08

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.30.24 AM.png



Stacy Aronovici

Production Stage Manager

Elizabeth cambell

Production Stage Manager

James Johnston

Assistant Stage Managers

Marissa Borreson, Amanda Samms, Tayna Steeves

Technical Crew

Assistant Stage Managers

Marissa Borreson, Amanda Samms, Tayna Steeves

Light Design

Simone Barker

Light Board Engineer

Nicholas Laschkewitsch

Sound Board Engineer

Jay Jacobsen

Light & Sound Crew

Dale Knight, Mark Hull, Elizabeth Campbell, Aimee Cornett, James Johnston, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Sarah Hazelwood, Bridget McNamara, Matthew Lew, Liz Bilson, Brian Bishop, Kyle Plaskett, Jay Jacobsen

Spot Light Operator

Kyle Plaskett

Lighting Consultant

Mason Barker

Wardrobe Mistress

Laurel Preschetti

Make Up Crew

Stacy Aronovici, Tayna Steeves, Laurel Preschetti, Bryanna Mickelson, Samantha Payne, Liz Bilson, Antonia Gunnarson

Scenic Design

Stacy Aronovici, Elizabeth Bilson, Natalie Belton

Scenic Art

Natalie Belton, Ciara Holness, Samantha Payne, Alexi Schroeder, Emily Sterrett, Levana Teman, McKenna Rocha, Lauren Coffelt, Bridget McNamara

Set & Prop Construction

Liz Bilson, Brian Bishop, Charlie Samms


Midsummer Night's Cast

Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream Mid Summers Night Dream

Cast of Characters

King Theseus - Omar Rodriguez

Queen Hippolyta  - Levana Teman

Egeus - Samantha Payne

Hermia - Robyn Roberts

Demertrius - Matthew Lew

Lysander - Marciel Rodarte

Helena - Cira Holness

Quince - Emily Sterrett

Bottom - Matthew Catalano

Snug - Bryanna Mickelson

Snout - Garrett Miller

Starveling - T.J Crovo

Flute - Garrett Miller

Fairy - Amanda Samms

Puck - Elizabeth Bilson

Oberon - Brian Bishop

Titania - Alexi Schroeder

Moth - Lauren Coffelt

Mustardseed - McKenna Rocha

Peaseblossom - Natalie Belton

Cobweb - Ali DeMoro

One more Fairy - Marissa Borreson

Oberon's Fairies - Nicolette Klassen


Bridget McNamara, Emilia Miller, Rachel Rodrigues, Tanya Steeves