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Trumpet I - Rick Van Stolk

Trumpet II - Max Alford

Bell/Percussion - Michael Daugherty

Piano - Rudy Hoffman

Bass - Matthew Howard

Drums/Percussion - Joanna Lindblad

Flute - Roy Madsen

Trombone - Charlie McDowell

Clarinet/Tenor Sax - Bill Nestor

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax - Richard Stanton

Clarinet/Alto Saxophone - Darlena La Orange Nestler

Hello Dolly - Spring '10

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.28.29 AM.png


Director/Producer/Set & Costume Design

Stacy Aronovici

Theatre/Technical Manager

Stephen Bigger

Vocal Coach Production

Gayleen Myer

Orchestra Coordinator & Conductor

Terrel Eaton


Alexandra Schroeder

Technical Crew

Assistant Choreographers

Alexi Baker, Colin Burris, Lauren Coffelt, Robyn Roberts, Natalie Schad

Production Stage Manager

Sarah Hazelwood

Stage Managers

Lauren Dropping & Bridget McNamara

Stage Crew

Cecily Finke, Ciara Elliot, Richard Garrett, Kyle Hunter, Garrett Miller, Andrew Ongman

Lighting Design/Engineer

Nicholas Laschkewtisch

Sound Engineer

Kyle Plaskett

Spot Light Operator

Glory Bodeman

Lighting & Sound Crew

Sarah Hazelwood, Kyle Hunter, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Bridget McNamara, Jacob Nichols, Andrew Ongman, Kyle Plaskett

Scenic Artists

Olivia Nelson, Sarah Wilson, Alina Goodman, Sarah Hazelwood, Lara Mansfield, Taylor Murphy, Samantha Payne, Omar Rodriguez, Alexi Schroeder, Sean Sesanto, Max Shenfield, Levana Teman, Donovan Thornbrugh, Madeline Welty

Set Construction

Richard Hazelwood, Kyle Plaskett, Greg Peterson, Colin Burris, Garrett Miller, Jordan Pierini, Max Schenfield, Jack Wilkins

Costume Committee

Alina Goodman, Sarah Hazelwood, Nick Lippert, Taylor Murphy, Robyn Roberts, Amanda Samms, Alexi Schoerder



Hello Dolly Cast

Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly

Main Characters

Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi - Taylor Murphy

Ambrose Kemper - Colin Burris

Horace Vandergelder - Nicholas Lippert

Ermengarde - Alexi Baker

Cornelius Hackl - Jack Wilkins

Barbany Tucker - Jordan Pierini

Minnie Fay - Amanda Samms

Irene Molloy - Mary Williamson

Mrs. Rose - Emily Sterrett

Ernestina Simple - Samantha Payne

Rudolph Reisenwebber - Jacob Nichols

Stanley - Omar Rodriguez

Policeman - Kyle Hunter

Judge - Taylor LaBau

Court Clerk - Bridget McNamara

Paper Hanger - Cecily Finke

Featured Dancers

Richard Garrett, Garrett Miller, Robyn Roberts, Omar Rodriguez, Natalie Schad, Alexandra Schroeder, Levana Teman, Donovan Thornbrugh


Jessica Barron-Bryant, Natalie Chamberlain, Lauren Coffelt, Kyle Hunter, Taylor LaBau, Gabriella Lopez, Olivia Nelson, Jacob Nichols, Emiley Sterrett, Madeline Welty, Courtney Laschkewitsch, Sally Penhallow