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1. When is the last day to drop a class?
    20 days after a semester begins, but we recommend no later than 10 days. Students are responsible for all make-up work missed in the class they switch into.

2.  When can my student make a class change?
      1 week prior to the start of a semester up to 20 days after the semester begins.

3.  What causes a balancing of classes?
        Student/parent requests, and changes in enrollment.

4.  What do I do if my student does not like a teacher?
      Contact the teacher directly and request a meeting with the teacher, the student, and yourself.

5.  What if a teacher does not meet the learning style of my student?
       Contact the teacher directly and request a meeting with the teacher, the student, and yourself.

6.  What are the priorities when making class/schedule changes?

  • Repeating a course
  • Inappropriate placement
  • Course required for graduation/college.

7.  What can I do if my child does NOT receive a progress report?
     Contact teacher(s), request progress report forms from Guidance Department and have your student request progress from teachers periodically.

8.  What options do I have if my student is credit deficient?

  • e2020 online courses through Extended Learning
  • Adult School
  • PASS (if Migrant)
  • Cabrillo College
  • Renaissance High School
  • Summer School

9.  What can I do if teachers don't return my calls?

  • Put a note in the teacher's box
  • Contact via e-mail
  • Contact administrator (This should be a LAST resort.)

10. How do I request homework if my student is going to be out?
     Contact teachers directly by e-mail or phone or note, and pick up in front office.

11. What is the eligibility for participation in sports?
      2.00 GPA, and passing 5 classes.

12. What types of extra help are available for my student?

  • Extended Learning Program at AHS (After school in the Library 3-5p Mon.-Thurs.)
  • Tutorials on Thurs. & Fri.

13. What are the reasons for the school holding my student's report card?

  • Fees owed
  • Library books not returned
  • Incorrect mailing address.

14. Who can take classes at Cabrillo?
         We recommend that classes at Cabrillo be taken AFTER the sophomore year.

15. Can we make teacher requests?
      Because AHS is a large, comprehensive high school, we are unable to
accommodate requests for specific teachers.