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Director/Producer/ Set & Costume Design

Stacy Aronovici

Technical Director/Set & Lighting Design

Kevin Johnston

Orchestra Conductor

Terrel Eaton


Conductor - Terrel Eaton

Trombone - Gail Black

Clarinet - Kaitlyn Black

Trumpet - Kiley Clark

Trumpet - Guy Clark

Keyboard - Jane Daugherty

Percussion - Michael Daugherty

Trumpet - Vaughn Forsyth

Violin - Christie Frush

Trumpet - Lee Griffith

Violin - Tai Li Harrill

Piano - Rudolf Hoffman

Percussion - Joanna Lindblad

Flute, Piccolo - Roy Madsen

Tuba - Mark Meeker

Clarinet - Bill Nestler

Violin - Catherine Newcomb

Guitar - Jonathan Ongman

Oboe, English horn - Richard Porter

Clarinet, Bass - Richard Stanton

Bassoon - Christa Steiner

Viola - Debbie Sutherland

French Horn - Merrie Ann Turner

Fiddler - Spring '12

Fiddler AHS.JPG

Technical Crew

Lighting Engineer

Nicholas Laschkewitsch

Sound Engineer

Kevin Johnston

Assistant Sound Engineer

Dylan Hull

Stage Managers

Alina Goodman, Brianna Martin

Assistant Stage Managers

Carrie Cochran, Courtney Laschkewistsch

Properties Managers

Becky Cassar, Jordan Pierini


Kara Jonsson

Musical Staging/Asst Choreographer

Alexi Schroeder

Vocal Coaching

Lindsey Eldred

Spot Light Operators

Glory Bodeman, TJ Von Schmacht

Hair & Make-up Design

Carrie Cochran, Pilar Pozo, Maddy Welty

Set Construction

Arturo Cantu, Diego Cantu-Gil, Simon Cassar, Brad Cole, Greg Cole, Leah Daugherty, Michael Daugherty, Alina Goodman, Mike Johnston, Kevin Johnston,  , Anthony Gorman, Ken Hendry, Allison Hoffman, Tom Johndrew, Mark Knapp, Brian Laschkewitsch, Rob Lindblad, Brianna Martin, Dennis Standen, Kelly Welty

Scenic Artists

Stacy Aronovici, Kira Arias-LaRhier, Becky Cassar, Grace Crandall, Leah Daugherty, Alina Goodman, Joanna Lindblad, Toots Lindblad, Brianna Martin, Heidi Perlmutter, Michael Sheely, Marianne Sheely, Julia Standen, Dakota Tittle, Maddy Welty

Costume & Make Up Committee

Kira Arias-LaRhier, Alexi Baker, Becky Cassar, Carrie Cochran, Alina Goodman, Nichole Jensen, Kara Jonsson, Autumn Knapp, Marie Markoff, Brianna Martin, Pilar Pozo, Dakota Tittle, Maddy Welty

Special make up design

Maddy Welty, Pilar Pozo, McKenzie Phelps


Alina Goodman, Marlynn Llamas, Julia Standen, Laurie Welty


Melissa Dittrich, Autumn Knapp, Bridget McNamara, Sydney Woolery


Stacy Aronovici, Heidi Perlmutter

Front of House

Bridget McNamara, Stacy Aronovici


Fiddler Cast & Crew

IMG_6606.JPG IMG_6850.JPG DSC03956.JPG IMG_6819.JPG IMG_6879.JPG DSC04174.JPG DSC03969.JPG DSC03942.JPG DSC03944.JPG DSC04023.JPG DSC03911.JPG DSC04151.JPG DSC04182.JPG IMG_6829.JPG IMG_6875.JPG IMG_6873.JPG DSC03884.JPG DSC02480.JPG

Cast of Characters

The Villagers

The Fiddler - Michael Sheely

Tevye - Jacob Nichols

Golde - Nichole Jensen

Tzeitel - Maddy Mouw

Hodel - Alexi Baker

Chava - Kara Jonsson

Shprintze - Maddy Welty

Bielke - Julia Standen

Motel - Jordan Pierini

Perchik - Spencer Johndrew

Lazar Wolf, the butcher - Gabe Llamas

Yente, the matchmaker - Autumn Knapp

Avram, the bookseller - Michael Sheely

Mendel, the Rabbi's son - Matt Myres

The Rabbit - Tommy Woodward

Mordcha, The Innkeeper - Brad Cole

Shandel, the Motel's mother - Kate Woodward

Yussel, the hat maker -  Seth Sandoval

Two Boys - Jacob Baker, Liam Jensen


The Russians

Constable - Richard Garrett

Fyedka - Anthony Gorman

Sasha - Diego Cantu-Gil

Soldiers: Brandon Lopez, Tyler Morgan & Jacob Baker

Soloist (To Life) - Jacob Baker

Featured Dancers (To Life) - Grace Crandall & Marikin Ziegler


The Dream Ladies

Grandma Tzeitel - Maddy Welty

Fruma Sarah - Leah Daugherty


Soloists, The Rumor

Autumn Knapp, Matt Myers, Jessica Pierini, Michael Sheely, Dakota Tittle


The Bottle Dancers

Jacob Baker, Brad Cole, Grace Crandall, Matt Myers, Dakota Tittle, Marikin Ziegler



Kira Arias, Jacob Baker, Serena Calcagno, Becky Cassar, Grace Crandall, Karianna Crowder, Leah Daughterty, Melissa Dittrich, Richard Garrett, Alina Goodman, Megan Gorges, Alison Hoffman, Liam Jensen, Ruby Johnston, Courtney Laschkewitsch, Brandon Lopez, Marie Markoff, Kimberly Mix, Tyler Morgan, Mckenzie Phelps, Hannah Pico, Jessica Pierini, Seth Sandoval, Steven Tao, Dakota Tittle, Sydney Woolery, Marikin Ziegler