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Differential Graduation

Differential Graduation and Competency Standards for Students with Disabilities ... 6146.4 BP 5/10

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team shall determine the appropriate standards and assessments, as well as the accommodations, that may be required for students with disabilities. No student shall be classified as eligible for differential standards of proficiency for the purpose of circumventing the legal requirement to maintain academic eligibility for extracurricular or cocurricular activities. (Education Code 35160.5)

Special Education Certificate of Completion

Special Education Students identified on their IEP as working towards a certificate of completion are participating in general education curriculum with program modifications and specific skill instruction or students may also be participating in an alternative curriculum emphasizing functional academics and / or vocational education. These students will be required to complete all district level requirements and attempt the CAHSEE at least once during their senior year.

Certificate of Participation

Special Education students identified on their IEP as working towards a Certificate of Participation have been identified by their IEP team as pursing a life skills and or functional curriculum. These are students that have been identified with disabilities that are of such a
significant nature that they are not capable of following the school district’s required curriculum. These students must be identified as participating in the CAPA (California Alternative Performance Assessment).

Special Education students shall be awarded a Certificate of Participation based upon substantial Progress towards their goals as documented in their IEP.

Graduation Ceremonies

Special Education students awarded a diploma, certificate of completion or certification of participation shall be eligible to participate in any graduation ceremony and all school activities related to graduation.

High School Diploma and Certificate of Educational Achievement/ Completion

A student with disabilities may be awarded a high school diploma upon satisfactory completion of the course of study specified in his/her IEP and upon completion of the high school exit exam. The high school exit exam shall be administered in accordance with requirements and accommodations as specified in the student's IEP.

All students subject to the requirements of the high school exit exam shall receive "adequate notice" as specified in law and Board policy. (Education Code 48980, 60850). Instead of a high school diploma, a student with disabilities may be awarded a certificate or document of educational achievement or completion if the student has met one of the following requirements: (Education Code 56390)

1. Satisfactorily completed a prescribed alternative course of study approved by the Board of Education of the district in which the student attended school or the district with jurisdiction over the student as identified in his/her IEP
2. Satisfactorily met his/her goals and objectives during high school as identified in his/her IEP
3. Satisfactorily attended high school, participated in the instruction as prescribed in his/her IEP, and met the objectives of the statement of transition services

In accordance with Education Code 56391, a student with disabilities who meets any of thecriteria specified above shall be eligible to participate in any graduation ceremony and any school activity related to graduation in which a graduating student of similar age without